How do I instruct you to represent me?

Its easy go to the contact page and ring or email my Senior Clerk, Sam Morgan who wil be pleased to help you.

Do I have to go through a solicitor to instruct you?

No I am authorised for Direct Access work  so you can instruct me without also instructing a solicitor.

Can you help me with my criminal case or to sue someone who owes me money?

Sorry no like all Barristers I will only accept instructions in the areas of law in which I have expertise. Those areas are any family or children s cases, Court of Protection work or Inquests.


I see you were only called to the Bar in 2019, does this mean you do not have much experience?


No before transferring to the Bar I was a solicitor for 25 years practising in the same areas as I now practice, so I have over 25 years of experience. 

Why should I instruct you rather than someone else?

I am very experienced and capable in my areas of practice. I care about every case in which I am instructed. I relate well to clients of all levels. Whether you are medical consultant or you work in Tesco makes no difference at all to me you will receive the same dedicated service.

Will it be really expensive to instruct you?

Please speak to my Clerk, Sam Morgan, who will discuss my fees with you. Instructing any Barrister or Solicitor comes with a cost but you may be pleasantly surprised.

Can I talk to you to see if I like your attitude before I instruct you?

Yes you can, I am happy to have a short telephone conversation with you before you decide whether or not to instruct me. Speak to my Clerk, Sam Morgan, who will be happy to arrange a mutually convenient time for us to chat.

My case is very complex can you handle it?

Having practised for over 25 years I have handled many very complex cases which have involved amongst other things child deaths, foreign divorce, murder of a partner, allegations of rape, the most serious physical child abuse, sexual abuse, downloading of child pornography, factitious illness, and parental alienation

My case involves a number of experts and I disagree with their reports are you able to challenge them for me?

Over the years I have frequently cross examined experts from all sorts of disciplines. My record was about 22 medical experts in a complex fabricated illness case in which I was for the mother accused of fabricating the illness in her child.